Coconut Oil Pulling

Healthy Teeth the Organic Way

The modern generation is looking for more natural and healthy ways to stay fit, look beautiful, stay active and energetic. Nature surely is the source of great medicinal elements that when used properly can help us lead a healthy and beautiful life. Coconut oil is one such element that is known to civilizations of the old for all its healing properties and we are still discovering its hidden treasures. Organic Coconut oil pulling is a great way to achieve bright and healthy teeth and much more.

Organic Coconut oil pulling:   13336144_476376905901099_3627566125276297614_n

Perla Coco has formulated a revolutionary teeth whitening product that contains extra virgin coconut oil sourced from the finest farms. The product is way better than any other over the counter teeth whiteners that you might have used thus far and here is why it delivers what it promises. Coconut oil is proved to be the best agent that pulls out harmful bacteria and germs from the teeth when swirled in the mouth. This product offers Oil pulling benefits when used regularly for just 2 weeks. It comes in a daily pack which contains mildly flavoured coconut formula which you need to swirl in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. As you do that it pulls out stain and bad breath causing bacteria from the teeth corners, making your teeth visibly bright. Because of the quality of oil in this Coconut oil pulling product, you can notice the results in just 4-5 days of using it. This is absolutely face for your teeth and does not cause any harm in the long term. As it contained no sugar or any other chemical, everyone and anyone can use it. You can repeat the therapy every month or two and maintain your healthy teeth.

Benefits beyond bright teeth:  13606627_488441314694658_583802321385412787_n

The coconut Oil pulling benefits do not just stop at whiter teeth but the list is pretty long. It eliminated bad breath and gum infections that are also caused by bacteria. People suffering with cavity and tooth decay can use this formula for great results. Oil pulling also helps in clearing blocked sinus, cure headache and throat infection. Thus it is evident that oil pulling is a great therapy not only for your smile but for your whole mouth.Most of all, this product is 100% organic and thus your teeth will only become brighter and brighter as you use unlike chemical based products that bleach your teeth making them dull and weak.

Go ahead and place your order for the product directly on the website. At the end of this 2 weeks’ treatment you will be flashing beautiful and confidant smile all day long.


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